Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My Success! Well, Kind Of

   When I received my first phone call, I was super excited. I haven’t interacted with a dog in so long and I would get to spend at least half an hour with it! 
Unfortunately, my flyers weren't very useful. My customer was interested at school when we were talking about our risks. Coincidentally, my customer was Mrs. S! Turns out, she has 2 dogs that are very well behaved and love walks. Since it was my first time walking her dogs in the neighborhood she lives in, Mrs. S and my dad had to supervise me during the walk. Therefore, I didn't get paid. But I did learn from the experience and hopefully will be able to do it on my own next time!
 New Learnings

  • The dog owns the walk. They can do whatever they want, as long as they stay on the directed path.
  • Clean up after the dogs’ messes. You don’t want to leave their scat behind! It’s bad for the wildlife.
  •        Don’t let the dogs interact with other dogs. They don’t know how well behaved the other dog can be and they may not be the most friendliest creature.
  •        After a week or two, if I don’t have any customers, I will change up the message that I’m promoting. For example: Kylee’s FREE Dog Walking Business.
  • Make a better effort of hanging up the flyers; other locations. SPREAD THE WORD!!!

Monday, December 15, 2014


Well, I finally have a costomer! I am able to start my business. The only thing is that I need to hang up more flyers so more people are interested. My dad told me I should premote the message of Kylee's FREE Dogwalking Business. I will continue to carry on the message to others so they can tell even more people. Hopefully I will get more costomer a this way.

If you have any suggestions, please comment on this post. Thanks!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hopes, Goals, and Dreams

So far, my business is not doing so fantastic. I have no customers and no callers when I was on vacation in Panama. Although, I did only hang up one flyer at one mailbox so I will probably get more luck when hanging them around other places, as well as changing what my message is. My dad suggested if I change the message to Kylee's FREE Dog Walking Business, I will get more customers, as well as money depending on how well I handle the dogs. I will consider more ideas as they pop up to lead my business to success.

Hopefully I will get to reach my goal of walking five dogs at the end of five weeks. Unfortunately, I have been unable to walk any dogs so far. My hope is to get a couple customers into my business by next week so I can get a good jump start on my goal. In the future, my dream is to own a dog of my very own. I have been without a dog for so long that I just can't stand it anymore that my family doesn't have the time to take care of a pet because of the sports my sister and I play. I believe my hopes and goals will be accomplished during my business, and my dream will soon be mine when I prove to my parents I can take care of these canines.

Feel free to comment to give me pointers for success. Thanks!!

Friday, November 21, 2014

In order to start my dog walking business, I had to hang flyers. I started with my neighborhood, printing a flyer copy for everyone who had a dog. In Sunday, November 16, I carefully went down to the street's mailboxes and slid each flyer into them. I had to know which addresses were the people without a dog so before I walked down. I looked at every adress to make sure I was slipping the flyers into the correct mailbox. Once I distributed all my flyers, I was ready for the football game!

After acouple of days went by, I noticed that no one called my house to get informed on my business. Little did I know that the font on the flyers were barely readable. On Tuesday, I quickly changed the font on the computer and printed it out. My dad explained to me that if I staple it to the front of the mailboxes, it will be more noticeable.

Each week I will continue to hang more and more flyers around Genesee. Although, it will be kind of hard to reach my goal if I don't have any dogs to walk! Hopefully, I will succeed in this business and you continue to support me. Thanks!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My risk project is starting a dog walking business. I will try to walk at least five dogs  by January 7th. I have started hanging flyers around my neighborhood and will continue hanging up more around Genesee. So far, I am very excited to interact with my favorite pet again but also a little nervous because I don't know how they will behave and react when meeting a different character. If you have any suggestions for me to succeed with this risk, please report it to me. Thanks for supporting me!